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Moon Dust Apparel



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It's hard to not love a cactus that looks like it's got arms, right? Saguaro cactus are also pretty dang cool, and we're lucky we are surrounded by them here in Tucson because they only grow in the Sonoran Desert (just a bit of southern AZ and a bit of Mexico)! They can take a hundred years to grow those arms and they're a big part of why this little corner of desert thrives. 

We love them so much we though they needed their own socks, and maybe a shirt, and a bottle and kit spots as well.  

  • 6.5" stay fast cuff
  • Composition:
    • 60% Nylon
    • 39% COOLMAX EcoMade (recycled plastic bottles - like the overpriced bottle of water you had to buy at the last concert you attended)
    • 1% Lycra

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