General Shipping FAQ's 

How will I know when my order has shipped?

You will receive an email once your order has shipped notifying you of the tracking #. We will do everything we can to ship ASAP but occasionally we need a day off and it’s just one of us doing day to day tasks!

International Shipping Costs General Info:

We don’t ship for profit, so what you see is a live quote from USPS. They offer the best prices we have found globally. We used to offer a DHL option, but it was MUCH higher but did arrive with a few days (few chose it so we don't offer it).
Shipping is based on weight ranges, so shipping 1 sock or 3 is the same cost. Things like tees  (especially L-2Xl), sweatshirts and mugs or glasses really drive up the weight and therefore the cost.  We recommend playing w/ the items in the cart to get the best value for the shipping cost.
Lastly international shipping is unfortunately higher than we all want going either direction as all these shipping services are focused on being VERY profitable for share holders etc. 
If you want to know if there are dealers in your Region please email us:

What about customs/duty fees if I live outside the US? We wish there was an easy answer to this question, but global commerce isn’t that simple. Check with your countries customs office to learn how they asses fees. Customers are responsible for customs charges as they occur.


I live in another country and the tracking information says the package has been delivered but I still don't have it.

We ship orders via USPS (United States Postal Service).  Once the order has cleared customs in your country, the package is handed off to your local postal service.  USPS updates their tracking to say DELIVERED once this hand off has occurred.  It generally takes another 3-5 business days for your local postal service to deliver the package to you.  Many countries allow you to paste the USPS tracking # into their system to track the package in country.

*If a package is shipped to the provided address and not picked up by the customer from their Postal Service (and later returns to us), only the cost of the goods will be refunded.