About Us

Who we are: 
In the summer of 2020 Covid-meltdown, Wade and Megan, long time HBStache fans and friends decided they should take over the teenage years of raising their friends company. If it hadn't been for Interbike 2016, in the HB booth, we might never have met. We look forward to continuing that legacy that brought us together to begin with.

The tees:
Because our garments are made with the highest quality premium cotton, your first Handlebar Mustache tee will quickly become your favorite. Whether you're a hardcore racer, a club rider or a fixie commuter we hope to have something that helps you express your love for the sport. 

How it began:
Handlebar Mustache was initiated on a cold winter day while driving a company minivan through the heart of nowhere and listening to an audio book about the liberty of making a living by doing what you love on your own terms. Cycling was the answer and after a conversation on the topic, we knew immediately that we could fuse cycling and fashion to introduce a product that people like us would dig. 

What we believe:
We love to ride and we love a challenge! We like that feeling of being completely spent after an effort that could have been voiced over by Bob Roll. We have our favorite items we grab in our closet after we clean off the road grime tan, and we wanted to make more of these items for everyone. We believe that any of our tees will be worth the extra money you paid for a shirt you'll want to wear again and again....that's what premium means to us. We know about the thread count, craftsmanship and color palettes but what really matters is that you love the fit and feel. 

At Handlebar Mustache we share a passion for these things. We love bicycles. We believe it is our moral obligation to help others. We are either all in or all out. We have to bring passion to what we do or we won't do it more than once. We bring our travels, experiences and our passion to the drawing board when we design each one of our tees. 

Thanks for shopping, but more importantly, thanks for riding and for taking a stance!