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Ruta Del Jefe is a Binational festival celebrating adventure, education, community, and advocacy from March 21-24, 2024 at Cuenca Los Ojos in Sonora, Mexico.

 This unique event promotes the rich culture and biodiversity in the borderlands, its indigenous communities, and the border wall's effects on animal and human migration. Through adventure rides, workshops, habitat tours, bird walks, live music, local cuisine, and educational talks from conservation, indigenous and humanitarian organizations, Ruta del Jefe's goal is to connect a community of like-minded individuals through a greater sense of understanding of the places they ride, raise money for local organizations, and create life-long advocates for the borderlands.

The event is named after El Jefe, a jaguar that roamed southern Arizona’s Santa Rita Mountains from 2011-2015. The long route of Ruta del Jefe traditionally circumnavigated the Santa Rita Mountains, El Jefe’s former habitat. Ruta del Jefe means “Route of the boss.” While RDJ has multiple routes for all skill levels, the namesake represents the challenge of the most demanding route available.

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